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Freitag, 24 Oktober 2014 08:49

Deutsche Welle: Prof. Dr. Funder über die Zukunft Karstadts (englisch)


Long the crown jewel of retail in Germany and elsewhere, department stores have been losing market share for decades. On Thursday, ailing chain Karstadt is expected to present its long awaited restructuring program.

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Retail: The decline of the department store

23. Oktober 2014

 "(...) Jörg Funder, director of the Institute for International Trade and Distribution Management at the University of Worms in western Germany, likewise thinks it makes sense to divide Karstadt GmbH's remaining 83 stores into three categories. (...)"


"(...) In one category, there are perhaps twenty stores in good locations whose land and buildings the new owner, Benko's Signa Holdings, actually owns.(...) Those locations, Funder says, could continue to operate as retail department stores under Signa's ownership. (...)"


"(...) In a second category, there are some two dozen stores that Metro, the owners of the Kaufhof department store chain, have hinted they would be interested in taking over. Funder says he wouldn't be surprised if Signa eventually sells those stores to Metro. (...)"


"(...) In a third category, there are the remaining forty-odd Karstadt stores, which Funder says present a very difficult business case. "I may be wrong, but those stores may end up shut down at some point in the next few years, after which the land on which they sit would perhaps be redeveloped for other uses," Funder said. (...)"


"(...) "In the long run, the retailers that will succeed are those that successfully establish a combined online and an offline presence," said Jörg Funder. "Even Amazon is now starting to set up storefronts," he said. (...)"



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